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First Book of KODA Collective: Moment

This book symbolizing the emergence of KODA Collective in a sense comprises of 13 photo interviews. In fact, 13 themes of the book consist of photographing events that photographers considering the photograph as a means of expression involved with the instinct of “witnessing” by coincidence and intentionally sometimes. These photograph series produced between the years of 2008-12 have the same concern underlying: to see, to understand, to tell, to be understood.

The phenomena gathering KODA photographers was searching for the way to reach this witnessing to wider audience with common sense and effort. While this work agrees with the assertion that the photograph arises from the difference between looking and seeing, it also tells new things for itself, the photographer does not only witness he also feels himself responsible and tries to change.

KODA’s purpose is to host for a collective work method in photograph field. Though its collective photographers have difference expression languages, they bear being witness of their age on base. In this sense, this language occurring will open for transformation and change.

KODA’s photographers will precede claim that they understand what see, express what understand, by their expressions for human’s common interest in the least.


KODA, February 2013