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Tuncay Dersinlioğlu is a documentary photographer and cinematographer working in Izmir. He was born in Germany in 1982 and returned to Turkey with his family in 1986.


He graduated from Dokuz Eylul University's economics department in 2006. Since 2004, the works he has produced in the field of documentary and press photography Yeşil İz (TEMA), Fotoğraf Notları (Photography Foundation), Green Peace Turkey, GEO Turkey, Sabah, Atlas, Zaman, National Geographic, Magma, Skylife and NY Times, Washington Post, BBC, CNN He has appeared in many international publications such as Al Jazeera, France 24, US News, Huffington Post.


Currently, he produces commercial photos for advertising agencies, companies and institutions in different cities of Turkey with the Karanlık Oda brand, which he created in 2010, and continues its publishing and consultancy works.


He has given photography lectures at many institutions including İzmir University of Economics, Dokuz Eylül University Continuing Education Center, French Cultural Center, Vestel, Vodafone, Philip Morris, Ülker, Garanti Bank, Tüpraş, Egepen and Finansbank.


He took part as a jury in photography contests organized by various institutions.


In 2015, he photographed the Istanbul book of the Citix60 series of Hong Kong-based publishing house Victionary.


In 2017, Balık opened a new lane in his professional life by undertaking the director of photography for short films called Efsun in 2019. In 2020, he was the director of photography for the awareness campaign film conducted by the International Organization for Migration to prevent child marriages.


The photographer is one of the founders of the KODA Photography Agency and works as a contract photographer for Reuters news agency.


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