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Karanlık Oda Books - 2018

It is estimated that more than three and a half million Syrians have fled to Turkey and become refugees since 2011, when the conflict environment in Syria spread throughout the country.

Many of the Syrians who try to survive after crossing the border with the help of their relatives or non-governmental organizations want to return to their country after the war. On the other hand, millions of war victim Syrian families who took refuge in Turkey continue their lives somehow. Babies are born, children grow up, and of course the problem of livelihood continues where it left off.


Moreover, all the difficulties of being abroad add to these burdens.

While the war that we witnessed from afar somehow continues with all its grandeur, Syrian refugees are trying to adapt to society and survive. Although we have a common history both historically and culturally, we will of course be able to observe the effects of this new social layer on the cosmopolitan geography of Turkey over time.


Unfortunately, we do not know if this work we do has a direct positive effect on the lives of the people we photograph. However, as photographers who witnessed the times, we could not ignore what happened due to our responsibility.

We hope the photos help you take a closer look at the lives of refugees, understand their difficulties and empathize with them.

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